driver package

Available dates 2022

7-10 (Fri – Mon)
11-14 (Tue – Fri)
21-24 (Fri – Mon)
11-14 (Tue – Fri)
28-31 (Fri – Mon)

-11 (Tue – Fri)
11-14 (Fri – Mon)
14-18 (Tue – Fri)
18-21 (Fri – Mon)
22-25 (Tue – Fri)
25-28 (Fri – Mon)

-4 (Tue – Fri)
4-7 (Fri – Mon)
8-11 (Tue – Fri)
11-14 (Fri – Mon)
15-18 (Tue – Fri)
18-21 (Fri – Mon)

1-4 (Fri – Mon)

A Cooler Driving Experience!
This is an adventure out of the ordinary. Not only will you be able to get a solid grip on the essentials of car control, learning from some of the best in the business – a bunch of friendly people who truly enjoy what they are doing.

Your lessons will also take place in breath-taking Laponian surroundings, in the midst of the mountains and vast forests. If you are lucky, you might even be able to finish the day by watching the northern lights, a magic experience in its own right.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or an advanced driver, with the plethora of experience shared amongst our instructors, there is plenty of opportunity to learn for everyone.

What is included?
Three nights accommodation, all meals, all transfer (local & Luleå Airport), two full days of ice driving in BMW/AUDI/PORSCHE with instructor, passenger ride, Aurora chase. 

Price: 1799 GBP / 2100 Euro